Where can I find the MarketSmart and Okta set up instructions?

  • Log into Okta and make sure you are in the administrative instance of your Okta developer account
  • Click Applications in the top navigation bar
  • Click Add application
  • Choose Web for platform and hit Next
  • Under Application Settings:
    • Set Name of the application (e.g. MarketSmart dev/prod).
    • Set Base URIs to https://dashboard.imarketsmart.com if this is for production application otherwise leave it blank if for testing.
    • If you wish to limit who can login with this application then adjust users under Group Assignments section.
    • Under Grant type allowed make sure Authorization Code is checked only.
    • Click Done.
  • In Application under General tab scroll down to Client Credentials section. Take note of of both Client ID and Client secret and provide this information to MarketSmart representative along with your Okta url (e.g. https://.okta.com).
  • A MarketSmart representative will then provide back to you a Login redirect url. Login into Okta and find your application. Under General tab click Edit. Under Login redirect URIs section click Add URI then paste the url and click Save.
  • Now you are ready to test SSO with MarketSmart.
  • We recommend creating a test application for testing phase and a separate application for going live

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