How do you recommend I follow-up with supporters in the dashboard?

We recommend you reference this quick resource.

check out your most recent leads by looking at your Notifications. Remember, recency of engagement is the best indicator of the likelihood that your outreach will result in a meaningful conversation.

In fact, prompt outreach has been found to make you nearly 700% more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a donor prospect (according to the Harvard Business Review).

Second, prioritize your leads by building lists in All Supporters. You can sort by Lead Score or use the filter to build a list based on demographics, location, major gift likelihood, and more. Make sure you save your filter so you can easily access your data next time you login.

Third, discover (and qualify) your supporters’ self-described capacity, interests, willingness to give, passions, and online engagement patterns. Click on a supporter’s name to open their Donor 360 and see their verbatims, digital body language, score impact, and donor journey.

Don’t forget to check out this single page resource.