I want to use your API. How do I get started?

You’ll need to make sure your IT team can help get this setup so you can pull in MarketSmart data into your CRM. Please send them our API documentation so they can review it and ask any questions they might have.

Once your team has reviewed the documentation, you can generate an API key in the Dashboard under My Account (you must be an Admin user to do this). Simply scroll to the bottom of the page to generate your API key. We recommend updating this every 90 days, which is something that your tech team can set up.

Details on how the connection works:
Typically an organization will assign a CRM ID to supporters in our Dashboard as a way to identify them between the Dashboard and CRM. CRM ID is stored as a “hidden” field in the Dashboard and can be viewed in Donor360 under ‘Supporter CRM Data’. Once this hidden field is set up, a developer can set up a sync between the CRM and MarketSmart Dashboard using our Open API. Options can include:

1. Develop a custom plugin for the CRM to regularly update data. (Many CRMs are written in PHP.)

2. For a stand alone script, a developer should be familiar with:

  • At least 1 programming Language (PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, GoLang, etc.)
  • Familiarity interacting with Rest APIs
  • Set up a scheduled task to update either the Dashboard or CRM at regular intervals using CRM ID as an identifier. Can either be a dedicated or an existing server.

If you are hiring an outside developer freelancer, a project like this could take anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks.

You can also view a brief video about how our API works here.

Let us know if you need help by emailing your Strategist or dashboard@imarketsmart.com.